Cheapest Triumph Scrambler Guide for Canada Buyers

Cheapest Triumph Scrambler

Imagine the wind rushing through your hair as you navigate twisted roads, the powerful engine roaring beneath you. Every turn sparks a surge of adrenaline, as you conquer new territories on your Triumph Scrambler. This is the ultimate adventure machine, a symbol of freedom and unbridled spirit.

But as a Canadian rider, you know that finding the perfect Triumph Scrambler at an affordable price can feel like chasing a mirage. The options seem endless, the prices astronomical. The hunt for the budget-friendly Triumph Scrambler feels like a detour on your road to thrill.

That’s where we come in. We understand your passion for the open road and the desire for a pocket-friendly Triumph Scrambler. In this article, we will be your guide, leading you through the maze of options and revealing the secret path to the cheapest Triumph Scrambler in Canada.

Whether you’re an experienced rider or someone who’s just starting their motorcycle journey, our comprehensive guide will help you find the Triumph Scrambler that not only fits your riding style and preferences but also your budget.

So, gear up and get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey. Let’s navigate the world of Triumph Scramblers together, uncovering the most economical options that will bring the thrill of riding within your reach. It’s time to make your dreams come true with the cheapest Triumph Scrambler for Canadian riders.

Understanding the Triumph Scrambler Range

Cheapest Triumph Scrambler

Before delving into the cheapest Triumph Scrambler options, it is important to understand the different models available. The Triumph Scrambler range offers a diverse selection of motorcycles that combine retro style with modern performance. Whether you are a seasoned rider or a newcomer to the world of motorcycles, there is a Triumph Scrambler model that will suit your needs.

The Triumph Scrambler range is known for its versatility and rugged design. From urban commuting to off-road adventures, these motorcycles are built to handle various terrains with ease.

One popular model in the Triumph Scrambler range is the Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC. This adventure-style bike features a powerful 1,200cc engine, advanced suspension, and off-road capabilities. It combines classic design elements with cutting-edge technology, making it a top choice for riders seeking a balance between style and performance.

For riders who prefer a more compact and nimble option, the Triumph Scrambler 900 offers a smaller displacement engine while still delivering an exhilarating ride. This model is perfect for urban riding and weekend getaways, offering a comfortable seating position and agile handling.

Features and Performance

Cheapest Triumph Scrambler

Triumph Scrambler motorcycles are equipped with advanced features and performance-enhancing components. Some key features you can expect to find in the range include:

  • Responsive throttle and smooth power delivery
  • Robust chassis and suspension for enhanced stability
  • ABS and traction control systems for improved safety
  • Comfortable seating and ergonomics for long rides
  • LED lighting for enhanced visibility


The Triumph Scrambler range boasts a timeless design that pays homage to the iconic scrambler motorcycles of the past. These bikes feature classic styling elements such as high-mounted exhaust pipes, spoked wheels, and a rugged overall appearance. With a wide variety of color options and customization choices available, riders can truly make their Triumph Scrambler their own.

Triumph Scrambler Range Comparison

ModelEngine DisplacementPower OutputPrice Range
Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC1,200cc89 hp$15,500 – $16,900
Triumph Scrambler 900900cc64 hp$10,500 – $11,900

The table above provides a brief comparison of two popular Triumph Scrambler models, highlighting their engine displacement, power output, and price range. It is important to note that prices may vary depending on the model year, optional features, and location.

Understanding the Triumph Scrambler range is essential for buyers looking for economical options. By considering the features, performance, and design of different models, riders can choose the Triumph Scrambler that best fits their budget and riding preferences.

Finding Budget-Friendly Triumph Scramblers in Canada

Cheapest Triumph Scrambler

When it comes to purchasing a Triumph Scrambler in Canada, finding an affordable option is a top priority for many riders. Thankfully, there are several strategies you can employ to discover budget-friendly Triumph Scramblers without compromising on quality or style.

1. Explore Dealerships for Affordable Triumph Scrambler Prices

Dealerships are a great place to start your search for a budget-friendly Triumph Scrambler. These authorized retailers often have a range of low-cost Triumph Scrambler models available, including past-year models and discounted bikes. By visiting different dealerships and comparing prices, you can find the best Triumph Scrambler prices in Canada that fit within your budget.

2. Check Online Marketplaces for Inexpensive Triumph Scrambler Choices

Online marketplaces offer a vast selection of Triumph Scramblers, allowing you to browse through various options from the comfort of your own home. Websites like Kijiji and Facebook Marketplace frequently have affordable Triumph Scramblers listed for sale. Make sure to refine your search by using relevant keywords such as “affordable Triumph Scrambler prices” or “low-cost Triumph Scrambler models” to find the best deals available.

3. Don’t Forget About Classified Ads for Economical Triumph Scrambler Deals

Classified ads in newspapers or online platforms are another hidden gem for finding budget-friendly Triumph Scramblers. Many sellers, both individual and dealerships, advertise their motorcycles at reasonable prices in these classifieds. Take your time to carefully read the ads, ensuring they match your budget and criteria. Consider contacting the sellers directly to negotiate the price further and secure the best Triumph Scrambler deal possible.

4. Assess the Affordability Based on Mileage, Age, and Condition

When evaluating the affordability of a Triumph Scrambler, it’s essential to consider factors such as mileage, age, and condition. A lower mileage bike or a well-maintained older model can be a more cost-effective choice compared to a brand-new motorcycle. However, be cautious and inspect the bike thoroughly to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money.

By utilizing these strategies and considering the affordability factors, Canadian riders can find budget-friendly Triumph Scramblers that meet their financial constraints. Keep in mind the importance of conducting thorough research, comparing prices, and assessing the condition of the bike before making your final decision.

DealerLocationAffordable Triumph Scrambler ModelsPrice Range
Triumph TorontoToronto, ONT120, XC, XE$12,000 – $15,000
Calgary Cycle CityCalgary, ABT100, XC, XE$11,000 – $14,000
Vancouver Motorcycle CollectiveVancouver, BCT120, XC, XE$12,500 – $16,000

Comparing Deals and Discounts

Cheapest Triumph Scrambler

When it comes to finding the cheapest Triumph Scrambler in Canada, comparing deals and discounts is key. By exploring the market for economical Triumph Scrambler deals, buyers can secure the best prices and enjoy an affordable ride. Here are some strategies for finding the best Triumph Scrambler prices and inexpensive choices:

1. Promotions and Sales Events

Keep an eye out for promotions and sales events offered by Triumph dealerships and authorized sellers. These limited-time offers can provide significant savings on Triumph Scrambler models. Subscribe to newsletters and follow social media accounts of dealerships to stay updated on the latest discounts and deals.

2. Financing Options

Consider exploring financing options that can help lower the overall cost of owning a Triumph Scrambler. Some dealerships may offer special financing rates or incentives, allowing buyers to spread out the payments over time. By taking advantage of these financing options, buyers can make the purchase more affordable.

3. Seasonal Discounts

Seasonal discounts can be a great way to find budget-friendly Triumph Scrambler options. Keep an eye out for end-of-season sales or special discounts during slower months. Dealerships may offer attractive prices on older models or demo units, providing an opportunity to get an inexpensive Triumph Scrambler.

4. Certified Pre-Owned Models

Consider exploring the market for certified pre-owned Triumph Scramblers. These are used motorcycles that have gone through thorough inspections and meet certain quality criteria. Purchasing a certified pre-owned Triumph Scrambler can be an affordable option, as these motorcycles often come with warranty coverage and discounted prices.

Deals and DiscountsAdvantages
Promotions and Sales Events– Limited-time offers with significant savings
– Updated through newsletters and social media
Financing Options– Special rates and incentives lower cost
– Spread out payments over time
Seasonal Discounts– End-of-season sales and special discounts
– Attractive prices on older models
Certified Pre-Owned Models– Thoroughly inspected and quality assured
– Warranty coverage and discounted prices

Comparing deals and discounts is essential to finding the most economical Triumph Scrambler options in Canada. By considering promotions, financing options, seasonal discounts, and certified pre-owned models, buyers can secure the best prices and ride off with their ideal Triumph Scrambler.


In conclusion, Canadian buyers looking for the cheapest Triumph Scrambler options have several avenues to explore. By thoroughly understanding the Triumph Scrambler range and its various models, buyers can make informed decisions about their preferences and budget constraints.

Comparing prices and seeking out economical deals is crucial to finding the most affordable Triumph Scrambler. Buyers should take advantage of promotions, sales events, and financing options to secure the best prices available. Additionally, considering factors like model choice, pricing options, and available discounts will help buyers find a Triumph Scrambler that suits their budget and riding preferences.

Ready to hit the road with your very own Triumph Scrambler? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy the thrill of this iconic ride at an affordable price. Explore the range, compare prices, and seek out the best deals to make your dream of owning a Triumph Scrambler a reality.

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